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Dog bites can be extremely traumatic for the person that was bitten as well as their family members. If you or a loved one has been bit by a dog, please contact us immediately.
Even trusted pets can cause injury, and many aggressive breeds are an outright hazard. With all the attention on animal bites and attacks in the media, it’s clear that injuries from animal bites and attacks are a growing problem. Animal bites can cause infection, disfigurement, permanent disability, and can even be life threatening.

All dogs are capable of biting and causing serious injuries to anyone they attack, especially innocent child. If a dog bites someone, the dog owner is responsible for any and all injuries directly resulting from the dog bite. We can assist you in proving your dog injury case and in recovering compensation.

Dog owners should generally know the personality of their dog, but their dog may still bite or attack an innocent victim. Generally, most dog owner’s are unaware or oblivious to how viciousness their dog acts. Aside from dog attacks which are caused by provoking the dog, the attacking dog may have been abused, the dog could be trained to fight or kill, or they may be scared of humans. As a defense mechanism, the attacking dog may bite your hand, face or other body part causing serious injuries.

Contingency Fee:
We take animal attack cases on a contingency-fee basis. This means that we do not charge any legal fees unless we make a recovery for you. When we do secure financial compensation for your damages, our fees are paid as an agreed upon percentage of that settlement njured by a Dog Bite.

If someone is attacked by a dog, the dog may transfer the rabies disease which requires medical attention. The dog’s sharp teeth may also puncture vital organs, amputate limbs, severe scarring, injuries to the face, cause a serious accident and possibly wrongful death or an accidental death. The person who suffered the dog bite may also be suffering from emotional distress in additional to the observable physical injuries.

A young child attacked by a dog, may require plastic surgery to handle the physical scars from these dog bites, especially if the child suffers dog bites to the child’s face. When pit-bulls or other dangerous dogs attack your face, you can generally recover higher damages because of all of the required surgeries which will be required. Facial dog bites may also sever important nerves which will prevent that person from expressing emotion for which they should be compensated. It is up to your lawyer to determine the value which should be associated with your particular injuries for which they can then present to the dog owner’s insurance company.

Compensation for your dog bite injuries depends on the particular circumstances of your dog attack case. Some of the relevant factors in determining the value of a dog attack case include whether the dog owner knew the dog would attack or if it previously bit or attacked someone.  It is our goal to seek the largest compensation possible given your particular facts of your dog attack with a heavy focus on your injuries.

Generally, you recover compensation from the attacking dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance, where the insurance company may be held responsible if the dog bites or attacks someone. It is the insurance company’s responsibility to pay even if the the dog attack doesn’t occur at the dog owner’s home or on his property. If the dog owner is renting an apartment, we will seek compensation from the owner of the rental apartment property, especially if they were aware of the dog’s aggression and propensity to bite or attack, or if the property owner knew of previous dog attacks.

If an animal has bitten you, then its owner, caretaker, or their insurer may owe you for your injuries. We are experienced in animal bite and attack claims. Our Southern California law office can maximize your recovery. Contact us for legal advice in an animal bite claim.

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