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Gender Discrimination (LGBT/Pregnancy Discrimination)

Even with anti-discrimination laws in place, gender discrimination occurs much too often. This type of discrimination occurs when an individual is denied equal rights and opportunities based on their gender or sexual orientation. Both males and females can be discriminated against in the workplace, and this kind of prejudice may occur in small-, medium-, and large-sized corporations.

Most gender discrimination cases that are brought forward involve females. Women are often passed over for management and executive positions based solely on their gender. Even with all of their experience and qualifications, they may have a difficult time moving up the corporate ladder. This is definitely a case of gender discrimination.

A woman may also face gender discrimination based on her looks. She may be too pretty for a certain position, or she may not be pretty enough. This is especially true for positions that require a lot of contact with the public and clients. If a woman that has been passed over for a position based on her looks, she has been a victim of gender discrimination.

Pregnancy discrimination is also an issue that many women face. Females may be discriminated against for becoming pregnant, or the possibility of becoming pregnant. A situation like this is undoubtedly gender discrimination, and a female that finds herself being prejudiced against due to the natural cycle of life will want to get herself legal representation.

Although not spoken of as much, and undoubtedly under-reported, men also frequently face gender discrimination. There have been cases when men were not hired by a company simply based on the fact that they were men. Anytime a decision is made based on an individual’s gender, it is gender discrimination and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

The LGBT community are often victims of gender discrimination at the workplace. As far as employment is concerned, any bias in hiring, giving job assignments to, etc. based on a person’s sexual preference or sexual identity is gender discrimination. Whether a person is female, male, straight, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender, they are entitled to equal human rights and opportunities that are given to everybody else. To prevent these rights solely on their gender or sexual orientation is gender discrimination.

Being a victim of gender discrimination will often have a huge impact on a person’s life. They may suffer financially and emotionally due to the difficult ordeals that they have had to go through. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help an individual get through these tough times. The legal team at Pacific Coast Injury Law Center have years of experience in dealing with gender discrimination cases. They can help their client get their life back to where they want it and guide them through any legal proceedings. Contact the office today for your case consultation.

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