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The Social Security system is one of the most effective and successful programs the United States government has ever provided for its residents. The program is basically age-based for benefit qualification, but there are also resources made available for all of those who find themselves unable to work due to a valid illness or injury. The problem is that the Social Security Administration denies a claim multiple times before an existing disability is proven by a legal professional. This is accomplished through providing medical evidence of the claim, as well as testimony from the applicants. Unless a disabling condition is obvious, it almost always takes an experienced disability attorney like Pacific Coast Injury Law Center to win claim approval.

The Social Security Application (SSA)

All Social Security applicants are required to file an initial application for benefits. This form can be rather extensive, especially regarding injuries and reported physical or mental problems that prohibit the claimant from working. It is important to remember that a disability filing is a claim that you cannot work, which is exactly what the SSA will be evaluating. The information provided on the original application is very important because it becomes part of the permanent case record. Going over the application before a formal filing can include advise from an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer during the filing process.

Reviewing the Application

The best method of beginning a disability filing is often reviewing the application with a legal professional and writing down all answers for potential editing when the application is filled out. Getting the process right from the beginning can often help shorten any delays as well, which is standard procedure from the SSA. Almost all cases are won in the appeals process. Your Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can access copies of all medical records pertinent to the claim to use as supporting evidence of a physical disability. This amounts to a complete medical history of the applicant in most cases because Social Security will evaluate the ability to work based on how multiple disabilities may impact the applicant’s overall health.

Anyone in the Southern California area needing to apply for Social Security benefits should contact the Pacific Coast Injury Law Center at our Los Angeles office for a full and free evaluation of your disability claim potential.

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