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At a time where more and more Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, the risk of being hit by a driver with no insurance or inadequate insurance is growing. When money is tight, many drivers simply neglect to pay their insurance premiums, but they keep driving. Many drivers also opt for their state’s minimum insurance coverage. Even relatively small auto accidents can exceed these minimums and large auto accidents can make state minimum insurance coverage look like no coverage at all.

The best way to protect yourself from becoming a victim of uninsured or underinsured drivers is to carry uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. It is crucial to opt for this coverage at the time you take out a policy. If you don’t currently have these coverage options, you should sign up for them immediately. Paradoxically, if you don’t carry this coverage and the accident is your fault, your insurance carrier covers you, but if you are hit by an uninsured motorist, you may receive nothing from your insurance policy.

How does uninsured motorist coverage work?

Uninsured motorist coverage pays the policyholder’s expenses if they incur damages from an accident caused by an uninsured motorist. The insurance company will pay up to the amount of the policy’s uninsured motorist coverage limit.

How does underinsured motorist coverage work?

These claims take some time because the total amount of damages must be tallied before it is known if this coverage is needed. It is important to note that underinsured coverage covers only the damages above what the at-fault insured’s policy covers.

Because settlement amounts are negotiable, it is crucial to contact an experienced Long Beach personal injury attorney. If you have been injured in an accident, it is crucial to protect your rights by contacting the Pacific Coast Injury Law Center. We’re here to help you and your loved ones be compensated for your injuries and continue with your lives. Contact the office today for your consultation.

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