Testimonials » Pacific Coast Injury Law Center
  • I truly cannot thank these attorneys enough for the tremendous amount of care and assistance they have provided me after my accident. They kept me updated and informed through the whole process and made sure first and foremost my child and I were taken cared of. I highly recommend them to everyone I know and meet (literally). THANK YOU GUYS FOR EVERYTHING! YOU GUYS ROCK!

    Chuck R.


  • I Thanks for doing business together. Your guys are amazing and so kind.I really recommend you guys to all my friends. I was in an accident and they helped me like a family. Thanks again.

    Baris T.


  • I had car accident couple years ago and I called this pacific coast injury law center this attorney is extremely worker of law firms I will recommended to friends or anyone thank you

    Alfredo A.


  • I honestly cannot say enough great things about this law firm. I was in an accident almost two years ago… I had just moved to Los Angeles, never been in an accident before, and I found myself with a totaled car and absolutely no clue what my next step was. (I was hit by someone else so I was not at fault.)

    I was referred to another law firm by a friend… and long story short- I was with them a year and a half – barely heard from my attorney ever, and was not getting the treatment that I needed for my injuries.

    I got connected with Pacific Coast injury law, and transferred my case to them as soon as I could. Let me tell you it has been a night and day difference for me. They are on top of it to say the least!

    I was immediately referred to an amazing chiropractor who has drastically improved how I’ve been feeling already. I’m constantly getting text messages and emails updating me about my case, and they’re consistently checking in with me to make sure everything is OK on my end.

    All of this lawsuit stuff can be really overwhelming, and words cannot express how much peace it gives me to know I have a law firm like this behind me. They are aggressive, attentive, and actually really nice guys (especially Chris!).

    Thank you so much for all your help!

    Shae W.


  • Had an accident, and my Attorny jay from WLC TOOK CARE OF EVERYTHING!! From car rental to seeing a physical therapist to help me with my injury. Got me a nice settlement ! I would def recommend them to anyone who’s gets in an accident .. Thanks jay you really took care of me and my wife.



  • I was in an auto accident a few months ago. Someone rearended me and I ended up taking a few days off work and needed to see my doctor and a chiropractor. Since there wasn’t any major damages to my vehicle I didn’t think I had the right to sue. After calling the Wilshire Law Center and speaking with Mr. Gill, he informed me that I was entitled to lost wages, medical reimbursements and pain and suffering. I’m so glad I got legal advice from Mr.Gill. He was very compassionate and seemed to really care about helping me. He didn’t rush our conversation at all and actually took at least 40 minutes on the phone doing a consult. After our conversation I decided to meet with him an sign the paper work for him to represent me.

    Danielle R.