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Injuries (Brain, Spine, Shoulder, Knee, Wrist, Ankle, Foot, Elbow)

Injuries can happen with any accident, from slipping on an icy sidewalk to being injured in a wreck. Any injury from an accident should be considered serious and treated with extremely focused care and attention. If you suffer any of these types of injuries, you should be aware of the options you have:

Any of these injuries could be caused by another person’s negligence. Whether it was a distracted driver or a careless neighbor, you should be compensated for any financial burden that has impacted your family because of the accident, including things such as any medical bills, lost wages from time off work recovering, emotional, psychological, or physical therapy, and rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one have been injured, first seek medical attention. Even if you feel that you haven’t been injured, the best action you can take is to confirm that with medical professionals. Sometimes injuries are internal, and you aren’t aware that they’re happening, or your body is in shock or running with adrenaline that you don’t feel your injuries at first. Any documentation, such as lab results, blood work, or even x-rays can be used for your defense in a court of law and help ensure success for your case.

The Pacific Coast Injury Law Center knows what a traumatic and difficult situation you’re in when you’re attempting to recover from injuries. Allowing a trusted and experienced attorney can help you and your loved ones receive a fair compensation and help you continue with your lives. Contact the office today to schedule your consultation and discuss the next step for your case.

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